Ever Popular Children’s Songs

Although there are a variety of things that parents can do to stimulate and develop the emotional and intellectual capacities of their children, getting them involved in the process of listening to and singing along to music can be particularly effective. Numerous child experts have pointed out the positive, powerful role that music can play in helping children learn language, think critically, grasp fundamental aspects of their own culture, and connect with other people. To increase the likelihood that your children can gain as much as possible from music, it’s a good idea to print out the lyrics to ever popular children’s songs so your little ones can memorize and sing them. Here are ten of the all-time most popular children’s songs you should print:

1. Happy Birthday

“Happy Birthday” is an immensely popular song, and for many reasons. In addition to containing words that are relatively easy to learn, the wording and beat are effective in promoting a positive, vibrant mood that helps the birthday boy or girl get in the type of happy mental state that makes their celebratory day unique and special.

2. Row Row Row Your Boat

Having your son or daughter learn this song is a great way to unlock their creative potential and stimulate their mental capacities. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that the repetition of the word “row” will help your little one make the connection between the types of activities that are performed outside and the role that boats play in this kind of physical movement. Additionally, the tune is upbeat and light, thereby increasing the likelihood that your daughter or son will draw parallels between feelings of happiness and activities that take place outdoors in natural settings.

3. Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes

“Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes” is a popular old tune that is incredibly effective in helping parents or educational instructors teach young people about their body parts. This is the type of upbeat tune that children should learn in groups as they touch the body parts that the words reference.

4. This Old Man

Although this song contains words that one might consider a bit nonsensical, the terms and beat are interesting and engaging. In addition to learning how to sing this tune, many children may enjoy learning how to play it on a tin whistle. This type of activity is an excellent way to get your child to fully engage his or her intellectual capacities through the use of music.

5. Silent Night

“Silent Night” is a wonderful holiday tune that will help your child grasp some fundamental facts regarding the traditional understanding of Jesus’s birth. Like “This Old Man,” it is the type of music that would be excellent to teach your child how to play on a tin whistle.

6. Hickory Dickory Dock

“Hickory Dickory Dock” is a tune with clever, engaging concepts that will make your child think critically. By emphasizing the activity of a mouse that ran up and down a clock, the words will likely cause your child to contemplate animal behavior as she or he tries to grasp why the mouse ran up and down, as well as the significance of the time during which the activity took place.

6. Old MacDonald Had A Farm

“Old MacDonald Had A Farm” is a great tune that helps children grasp basic concepts regarding the activities of farmers and the various animals that they take care of. The beat is light and the words are easy to pick up on, making the process of teaching your children about animal life and farming behavior both simple and effective.

7. London Bridge

“London Bridge” is an incredibly popular tune that has been prevalent in pop culture for centuries. In addition to having a catchy tune and interesting words, “London Bridge” has a historical context and thus functions as a gateway to discussing a significant world event with your child.


If you are looking for ways to help your child develop intellectually and emotionally, you should know that having them learn ever popular children’s music can help you accomplish this objective. By learning lyrics that help them think critically and complexly about various aspects of human life, your child will develop the type of memory, emotional intelligence, and practical understanding that improves his or her ability to lead thoughtful, productive lives. To get started now, print out any of the music listed here and start reviewing the lyrics with your child.


This article provides parents with basic information regarding ever popular children’s songs they can teach their children. The role that music can play in the intellectual and emotional development of children is significant and positive.