About Us

Our mission is simple: To promote radio stations offering family-friendly programming. To date, most of these are based on the principles found in Christianity.

Today, there are more than 1,600 family-friendly Christian broadcasts. One radio program, EWTN has even fostered the Catholic community due to the growing popularity of Pope Francis. Smooth jazz, urban, chill and easy-listening listeners don’t have to worry about their favorite genre dying out, since we provide a list of radio programs out there like iHeart Radio and AOL Radio dedicated who play these music genres. Music lovers can also enjoy fun morning shows like, K-Love, WFSH 104.7 FM (The Fish) and Air1 that plays a range of newly released, mainstream Christian music.

We believe that our efforts are paying off in this respect when you look at the sheer number of listeners who tune in to their favorite Christian programming everyday. For Christian families who grow frustrated over having to constantly find decent topics of conversation and wholesome selections of music, family radio broadcasting is truly a breath of fresh air. The controversial radio talk show material being discussed in mainstream sectors is hardly suitable for children to listen to and goes against the grain of how many adults Christians have been raised as well.